"A huge lie repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister PRIMER-Connecticut "Unanswered media bias and misinformation repeated often enough is accepted as truth." — PRIMER
"I can’t see how the EU denying funds to Israeli researchers who have even the faintest ties to institutions outside the pre-1967 borders makes the world a better place or how releasing terrorists and murderers from Israeli jails makes the world safer." — Liat Collins. August 15, 2013. Jerusalem Post.

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PRIMER-Connecticut encourages top writers of regional organizations to pro-actively develop OP-EDs. Identifying the writer as an officer or director enhances the probability of publication.

These op-eds include the opinions of the writers and do not necessarily represent positions of PRIMER.

Essays By Joe Unger

Members of PRIMER were saddened at the sudden passing of one of the stalwarts of our group. Not all of our members knew Dr. Joseph Ungar personally. But all Primer writers knew of his many contributions to our organization. In an association dedicated to the task of responding by letter to anti-Israel media bias, the responses were few that were not informed or even inspired by Dr. Ungar's sage input though his Comment and Analysis documents.

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As a media monitoring and response organization, PRIMER-Connecticut has opportunities to lecture, conduct workshops and develop forums for the community and on college campuses.

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PRIMER generates reviews of books related to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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PRIMER in the past has published an annual Media Review, a critical review and analysis of print and other media reports.

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